Back in Business!

Hey Everyone!

I’m back in Israel…so I’ll start continuing my posts. I’ve been back for about a month, but have been really busy. I’ll let you all know the whole inside story shortly. Just wanted to say that “I’m back in business!” So, plenty of new blogs will be coming out soon, maybe by the time school starts for me – August 13th. Basically, I’m doing hard core studying for math, and I’m trying to fix some new issues with the high school that have recently come up  (I know! Already, and I haven’t even stepped a foot into high school for one day!). I have my whole summer to talk to you all about and then definitely my thoughts…and you know, the usual, whatever pops up – which is always common around here. Just thought I should give you a little heads up, and a bit of excitement from the lazy summer days. Hope to write soon!


Hot Weather, American Eagle, & My Sweet Comments

First off, there has been some comments that have gone straight to my spam box that are not spam at all! I have approved all but two (that were spam) to show up on my blog. I am so sorry for all of you that have commented, just because I didn’t see them. You all are very nice and I just like to thank you! I wish I could have seen all of your comments sooner. But now I’ll work on replying to all of you her are so gracious enough to read my blog let alone comment. I really appreciate each and every one of you!

Summer break has just finished. We got back to school yesterday. I already have a persuasive essay next week (which is an inclass writing), a vocabulary test this Friday, and Health test this Friday, and a Hebrew Oral Assessment. So, as soon as I got back, I’m very busy again. However, during the break I started running and biking with my dad. Not so much now that school has started, but the biking has been a great benefit. Also, the weather here is finally getting warm! I know it is just the beginning of April, but that’s the beauty of Israel.  Now that it’s hot enough, I am finally able to wear shorts from …. AMERICAN EAGLE!

Most of my cloths at the moment have been what I have bought here in Israel. Yes, I know, America is MUCH cheaper. But, now all these American stores (like Forever21 and American Eagle) are coming out to Israel. So, I went on Sunday to the mall with the intention of just getting swimsuit bottoms. Instead, we found out that American Eagle had finally opened. My mom and I went there and we bought a ton of stuff for summer. It’s everything I’ve seen in the website. I was SO excited because I’ve never actually shopped there but have looked at everything on their website (which I fell in love with). I am so excited! Also, I was able to ask (a student council president) to have a no uniform Friday this week. Great news – we can! So, I will be able to wear something new that I got from American Eagle. The have very nice stuff that is in style, but most importantly feel like good quality. I would definitely recommend it to all those other 14 year olds out there. Also, there was a sale at the store where you buy 1 item and get another 50% off. My friend and I both ended up getting the same bag for school without even knowing (which is really cool because two other girls did the same thing with a different brand in the beginning of the year).