Documenting the Holocaust

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, I’ve been really busy especially since it is the end of the year and we are starting to take all the final exams. I am starting on my project for Hebrew class which will have a final in the form of a project. She has been very lose, in terms of what the final product has to be. The theme is based on the Holocaust and documentation. How can we document the stories of Holocaust survivors so that people can remember? We watched this amazing documentary called “One Paper Clip at a Time.” If you have not seen it, please go and watch it. There is something really special about this school in Tennessee. We watched this for a inspiration to start with our project. I was totally mixed as what I wanted to do. I wanted it to be unique and special, but at the same time still be a practical way of remembering the Holocaust. My idea did not come until the last minute during Hebrew class today when we needed an idea. For this unit, my high school classes is actually going to help direct one specific Humanities 8th grade class (which is interesting since I am in 8th grade, but belong to the Hebrew class) into interviewing and documenting the story of 6 Holocaust survivors that are coming to our school. This is done every year, but only in a certain class, which I am not apart of. So, I’m lucky enough to be able to experience face to face contact with these survivors. However, there is a time once a year, besides this event, where one Holocaust survivor is invited to our school to talk about his or her story, as was mentioned in the previous post about the story of a 5 year old girl in the Holocaust. People are dying, so the primary sources from this event is diminishing, so we as students need to record and document this data in a special way for future generations.

My idea for the Hebrew project was to make a letter. If the Holocaust survivor I will be interviewing could have sent a letter during the time of the war, what would he/she say? If they were in a concentration camp, what was going on? How did people act? Who were the good people that helped midst the situation? I want the letter to contain details of everything that was going on. This letter would represent the Holocaust survivor’s story but as if it was during the time of the war. If he or she could have sent a letter during that time to a loved one, this would be the content in the letter.

I think it will be a powerful representation of one story among thousands of others and my Hebrew teacher was in awe. So, I will need help, but hopefully I will be able to pull it off. I can’t wait until they come to really listen, first hand, to their stories. Unlike many of my friends who have grandparents that are Holocaust survivors, I don’t. I am willing to listen to their stories, and hopefully others – like all of you – can listen to them and take them to heart to tell future generations. This was a tragic event that happened in history and the world, in any country, should never let happen again. Innocent people do not deserve to die, and I think we all have learned valuable lessons. But these heart wrenching stories, must be documented and shared.