So Much To Do. . . So Little Time!

My week has been hectic! I’ve had to deal with an upcoming school event (yes the next big thing) — Lock In, Valentine’s Day, science fair, U.S. Western Expansion exam in humanities, an essay, and a Hebrew quiz! So, I’ve been having to study so much and talk to a bunch of teacher even though I’m sick.

Every year we have a special school event called Lock In.  Here, the student council and eco-club work together. This year our theme is being locked in Candy Land (so you are basically locked in at school). Right after school all the middle school students are locked in the gym. There are many games and a raffle (you get a certain amount of money for each type of game you play). Then after that, we all eat dinner, which is usually pizza. Next, we all move to the auditorium, where the talent show is held. I am probably going to do a Sonata for piano. There is going to be a grand prize (it might be an I-pod touch but we aren’t sure yet). Also, there will be a second and third prize (we are thinking about having a gift basket full of candy/junk food or something like that). All of this is a secret however, until we find out for sure what the student council is going to do. Basically, the eco-club is in charge of  the games and we (the student council) are in charge of the talent show and the Valentine’s dance afterwards. this is going to be on February 10th, so it’s a while a ways.

For Valentine’s Day, this year, we are going to have something special. With the high school, we are going to sell roses. White is for friend, pink is for interested, and red is for love. I think it is really cute and it’s the first time we have ever done anything.

Science fair is also coming up. It starts towards the end of this month. It’s about a month long (a bit shorter than last year). I had to go to my math teacher to see if he could help me with figuring out this formula (my science fair has to do with the math). He was not able to explain it to me, so I have to go to these two AP Calculus math teachers in the high school tomorrow. This weekend I’m going to buy the plants. My science fair is different than almost everyone at my school. I am doing it internationally with a girl from the U.S. and a girl from Germany. It’s fun, but much harder than doing it with someone at my school. Hopefully, I will be able to get this complicated idea figured out and do it well.

On top of all these big events coming up, I still have the everyday homework load this weekend — a huge U.S. Western Expanion exam, an essay on October Sky (a book we read), and a Hebrew quiz. I was sick on Monday, so I wasn’t able to get my notebook and folder that my humanities teacher had (because he grades that four times a year) to study. So, he mentioned about having a day extension on the test (which I really need) but the next two days we have an in-class essay. So, hopefully, I will be able to do it on Thursday during Instant Replay (a block where you do homework). Also, tomorrow I have a Hebrew quiz. I hope all goes well, because that high school class is really difficult for me.

So, as you can see, I have a crazy schedule. Hopefully, all will go well. But I know in the end, if the student council and eco-club do well, the Lock In will be a huge success! I’m really excited (and just can’t wait for the science fair to end)! It’s just such a huge weight put on your shoulders. But, I’ll just have to get through my last year doing the science fair. Can’t wait!! Thank you!