US Olympic Gymnastic Team Wins Gold All Around for the First Time Since 1996

Congratulations to the US Olympic Gymnastic Team on winning last night! I had to wake up at 4 AM to see them compete. What a competition. This is the first time the team has one all around since 1996, that is 16 years ago! They all did an amazing job! I can’t wait to see them compete individual all around. But I am hoping to see some changes after this Olympics with the coding – for example Jordyn Weiber gets 4th behind Ally Raisman and Gabby Douglas but doesn’t get to compete all around because she is the third American to make it? Number 33 gets to make it, but not her? I just think, this is the Olympics – where the best of the best compete – and you are taking away the best because they are from the same country? It doesn’t seem right. I really wish the judges could change that, but since it is for all sports, that would be a HUGE consideration to change for the all the competitions.

I must add that McKayla Maroney did the most perfect vault I have ever seen. Just thought I add that to the mix, she contributed her part (to the maximum of her capability). Outstanding performance!

Looking at the girls, lately I have been really missing the gym, and I think it is time. I think I want to start gymnastics up again. I’m 5″2.5 so I’m still a good size – the gymnasts were even 5″3 at the Olympics – and I’m willing to work as hard as ever. I think right now, I will start really trying to stretch, build my upper, lower body strength, strength my back and stomach, and just try to get the endurance and strength up to get back into the gym. I still need to call my coach – who is currently judging at the Olympics. I want to get in shape, call my coach to see if she will even accept me back (which I really hope because I did win 14 and under nationals when I was 12 – my last competition – for them before I got sick), and then we’ll see from there. I definitely am keeping school my first priority. But no decisions have been made, although I am really leaning towards picking gymnastics up again – I really believe I have a shot if I can work hard and be focused. I finally went to see a neurologist at John’s Hopkins (what a coincidence, because I might be doing the John’s Hopkins Youth program online for my math course – I’m taking the test tomorrow – since my school won’t let me skip into pre-calculus next year) and it turns out I have migraines called Chronic Daily Migraines. The neurologist gave me medicine to take everyday as well as another type of medicine when it gets really bad. It is suppose to kick in soon (it takes about 2 months)…so we’ll see how it works, I’m really hoping this time everything turns out okay. On the contrary, I will have these for the rest of my life – he said that in a few years it would probably go down to having 2 bad episodes a month.

But with all this information, and for me to finally not be in the dark anymore, I feel like I have control. I was ripped out of place, I wasn’t ready to leave the gym when I had too. I know in the beginning I felt that it meant I should move on with my life and focus on a new path. But what if it was to redirect me to still continue school – not just being home schooled – as well as going to the gym? All I know is I’m confused, I miss the gym, I wish things could have worked out differently but they haven’t so I need to work with what I’m given, I’m thankful that it isn’t something worse, but I can do something now…I’m just at a fork in the road and need to decide which way to go. I’m also asking one of my friends, whom I met at a gymnastics camp 2 years ago (we still keep in contact although she lives in New Jersey. My mom even drove down there while we were in the States last year to go see them for lunch), about what I should do . She knows exactly what it is like to be a gymnast. Ultimately, it is my decision, so I need to see what I feel is the best decision and look at what I can do.


Running Program

Yesterday I went to the running program from 6 to 7:30. There were a bit less than 20 kids, one of whom (besides me) was a girl. It was actually very good. Not to extreme of a workout, but hard enough. We did running loops and then came back to the small gym and did all sorts of fitness exercises like push ups and sit ups, then we would go back outside for another running loop. The first loop was a .5 kilometer, the second was 1 kilometer, the third was 1.5 kilometers, and the final run was 2 kilometers. I would say the running part was the easiest. Also, since it was night time and a bit cold, it made the run easier. After practice my arms were a bit sore, which is a good sign I guess. I really enjoyed the workout and am going to do it four times a week (but two of the days is not really an instructed class, more of going to a gym and working out as long as you want). I have to quit after-school soccer because it is during the same times as this running program. However, I think this fitness program is going to help me become more fit and is just a really good program! I’m actually really happy to have this program because I can finally have something (that I enjoy) to do for exercise because I miss not having anything (like gymnastics) to do during the week.

Team Decisions — Hockey Marathon

I know it has been a few days since my last post, but I have been pretty busy. Everyday during lunch and after school on Monday’s I have to stay for Hockey Marathon Captain meetings.  In our school, we have a tradition that we do every year during December. This is called the Hockey Marathon. Basically, we split up the Middle School into two teams — red and blue — and play indoor hockey all day long. For the Middle School this is a really big deal, and for the High School it’s an even bigger deal. Captains (like myself) work really hard with the opening ceremony, the design of the t-shirts that all the players will be wearing,  the theme of the Hockey Marathon, and the closing ceremony.

This year our theme is The Battle of the Realms — with Blue Fantasy and Red Reality. Yes, of course the captains get to choose what team they are on. . . so as anyone can tell I chose to be on Blue Fantasy. Even though I submitted a design for the t-shirts, the captains decided on another design by a 7th grader boy. I was disappointed, but I congratulate the 7th grader winner and know that I will always have next year to try again when I go to high school.

So, just like each year, we have to come up with a skit for the opening and closing ceremony. I am the classic Bugs Bunny (which I am still trying to find a costume). The blue and red teams (for hockey) are separated into sub-groups. Also, girls are separate from boys for the actual hockey. We got to decide what the names of all the sub-groups were. So, here are a few examples:

Unicorns vs. Stallions

Vampires vs. Bats

Shaquillie O’Neal (a basketball player) vs. Big Foot

As for the skit, we are starting with the recording so that during the actual opening/closing ceremony we will only mouth the words. (also because of my gymnastics, I will be doing some flips). Hockey Marathon will be in three weeks (or sometime around then). I can’t wait!