Sushi, My Style

yes, it’s sushi….but just not as pretty. It’s hommade! Something to get your hands messy – beware it is sticky – yet enjoy. You have the most fun making them! And just after a few practice rounds, your on your way to become a real professional sushi chef. Usually, mine turn out better, but the pictures say it all:

It doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as it tastes good, and looks decent, you, your family, and everyone will love it. You definitely can have this at a party too.

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Making Sushi Rice:

  • 4.5 cups of cooked white sushi rice
  • 1/8 cup of vinegar
  • 1/6 cup of sugar
  • a pinch of salt

In a small sauce pan, combine the vinegar, sugar and salt. Place it over the stove, and mix until the sugar is fully dissolved. Once cooled, add this mixture to the rice, until fully blended.

Now use this rice mixture for your sushi as seen above in the pictures.

For a normal looking sushi, put a good amount of rice, vegetables desired, covered with more rice on top, over a piece of seaweed (smooth side facing down). Then, use your sushi mat to help you roll the sushi into the desired shape. Cut into pieces.

For an inside out sushi, cover the seaweed (smooth side facing down) 2/3 of the way with rice. Flip it over. Then add all the vegetable desired (I just used cucumber and carrots because that’s all we had. But I would recommend adding avocado and sweet potato). Using the sushi mat, roll the sushi into the desired shape. Cut into individual pieces.

You are ready to serve! Or, you can let it cool in the refrigerator for awhile before serving family, or any guests.

Remember, it’s the learning experience and having fun. Good Luck!