Author’s Festival; The Attic

The author’s festival is a writing competition at our school. We have three days (each with 1 hour and 20 minutes – not including time at home) to write one 200 word creative story. This was my final project that I came up with:


Constant streams of sunlight bleach my chestnut, brown skin. Tucked away in the corner of the musty attic, a thick layer of dust veils me. Scratches, the scars of time, imprint my skin but also my soul, reminding me of the one who could make my strings sing. My mere presence once enticed her to play my taunt strings for hours, until we both could play no more. Instead of sunlight, the spotlight poured over us. Gentle but firm fingers danced along my neck. As the vibrant melody crescendoed and her bravado quickened, I felt her heart race. My heart sank through my strings and hers through her fingers. Together our rich mellow tones cascaded across the room. Tzcaikovsky wrote his concerto for us. For hours I yielded myself completely to her as she did to me. The energy we give is replenished with the rich melodious tones that bring heaven to earth and fill us until we can meet once more. The attic door creaks. Moments pass. The door closes and all is still again. I will wait. Years add to my rich tone and she will be pleased with what she hears when she returns. I will wait.


Pesach Dinner

Tomorrow Pesach starts. That means no bread, pasta, or anything with a normal flour or yeast. My parents and I are going to their friends house to have a traditional Pesach dinner that we have every year. Everything has a symbol. We eat all this food (some of it is not that good actually – like hard boiled egg and really spicy stuff) with symbolism. We go through and read the meaning and story of Pesach. Then, after a long time of prayer and a very traditional and symbolic preparation, we have dinner (which is really good). I have gone each year, but I asked if I could skip this year. However, tonight I decided that I should go and experience a Pesach Dinner once more.

Right before school ended (actually on the last day), our Arabic/Middle East culture teacher (who teaches only three other students than me) brought it Matza. We ate Matza, which is the traditional food Jews eat during Pesach. This is just a special Pesach flour and water combined together. Usually, you eat this with a cottage cheese or something. So, one kid who just came to Israel asked what is Pesach? So, although none of us four are Jewish, I lived here the longest and therefore, I told a very simple/to the point story of Pesach.

Pesach is basically, in English, Passover. This represents when the angle of death came over the houses. The Jews put sheeps’ blood over their doors for a sign the angle of death passed over their homes. Then, when the angle of death killed the Pharaoh’s oldest son, he became very angry and told Moses to leave with all the Jews. So, they had to flee. The reason why we eat Matza during this holiday, is because the Jews did not have enough time to wait for the bread to rise, therefore, making Matza.

I know this is a very simplified version, but it gets the point across. So, a lot of my friends and I wanted to go to the movies before Pesach dinner tomorrow, but it turns out that all the theaters in Israel are closed because of this holiday. So, we will probably go tomorrow. We might watch Hunger Games or Journey to the Mystery Island (so that more people who already watched the Hunger Games will come). Just a simple holiday that I am pretty use to comes around, but something I would like to share with you all.

Hag Samach (happy holidays)! This is what we say whenever there is a holiday in Israel, such as Passover. This holiday is a gift giving holiday, so we gave my cello teacher (whom I have known for 7 years) a present. Hope you all enjoy!

Sick :(

I’ve been sick for about a week and a half now. I got better in the middle of it, but now it’s worse again. I think I was basically trying to recover, but then would go to the fitness program (because I love it that much!) which would then make my immune system weak, making me sick again. I’ve missed the last two days of school, but was able to get a few handouts from a friend. So, in the mean time, I have talked to a BC calculus teacher about my science fair project (he is helping me a lot!), doing extra algebra 2 (which I haven’t done in awhile), getting ready for the bake sale on Friday where the high school has it’s Hockey Marathon (so we can earn money for the talent show), and working on my cello for a cello concert on Friday. I am doing a duet with my teacher, which is super fun! I have a lot ahead of me, and these few days have really given me some time to think and rest. Today at school, I was suppose to go (along with all the 8th graders) to the Weissman Institute. It is basically a museum of astronomy and physics. But unfortunately, I couldn’t go.

Plans for Tomorrow! (The Big Day Before the Big Day)

Christmas Eve is tomorrow! I am totally excited, but have many things to accomplish.

My To Do List:

1. Finish my handmade cards (part 2 will be uploaded).

2. To carry on our tradition, make sugar cookies with my oldest brother (I will let you know the recipe and how they turned out).

3. SSAT studying (yes even today I need to study because I have less than 3 weeks before I take the exam. This is a required part for applying to Exeter. I really hope I get in! Today was the day the whole application was finished. I’m really excited to see what’s to come! I know that I will be having an interview soon — either over the phone, or with a person here in Israel!)

4. Read a chapter of October Sky (I need to finish the book by the end of the winter break).

5. Practice piano and cello

I have realized making a “to do list” of everything that you need to accomplish (if it’s for homework, or during the break) really does help. This way you can use your time efficiently and be sure to get done everything you needed to complete for that day.