HS Hockey Marathon, Lock In, Fashion Show, and Lent

I’m so sorry for all of you who do follow my blog (I’ve probably lost most of you) because I haven’t written in about a month. Basically, I stopped writing when one girl in my grade’s little brother in 4th grade started to use everything I ever wrote on here against me. I know it shouldn’t have gotten to me (especially a 4th grader) but it did a bit. So, just everyday I would not feel like writing and  I made the excuse of having too much homework and science fair work to write a simple post. So, I kind of just put this aside, but now I’m ready to pick up blogging again. Once again, sorry for the absence of posts, but I’ll get it back on the road again!

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote including high school’s hockey marathon, lock in, the fashion show which was just held yesterday, and how I’m struggling through lent.

The high school hockey marathon was taking place a bit before the middle schools lock in, where there are games in the gym, a talent show and a dance. The student council was in charge of the talent show and the dance. We put up lists where people could sign up. At the end of it, we had a lot of talented people signing up. So, of course we needed to have a prize for the most talented person. This took a bit of thinking, but in the end we came up with the perfect idea. I decided that the student council should have a bake sale during the high school’s hockey marathon. They did this during our hockey marathon, so why couldn’t we do this for ours? This would help us pay for the prize and also the DJ for the Valentine’s Dance. I made two dozen cupcakes the day before in red and blue colors (which are the colors the two teams are placed in for hockey marathon). I sold them to all the middle schoolers and also two a lot of people on my bus. The next day we had a more organized bake sale where I made (which was requested by my principle) to make 42 cupcakes. Again  I made them red or blue, so that the person on the blue team could pick a blue cupcake and vis versa.  Also, some other girls brought cookies, drinks, and brownies to sell as well. We made a bit over 500 NIS, which is about $132. This was really good for us and it was a big success!

During the Lock In, I was mostly working to get things in order such as running my homeroom games (because everyone else in my homeroom ran off, leaving me to work the game), being MC for the talent show as well as performing piano for it, and making sure everything was okay for the dance. Everyone had fun, so that I guess was good. I wish I had more fun though, and didn’t work as much. There were chariot races with two members from each homeroom (one girl and one boy) to participate. I did it last year and let go, so I decided not to do it this year. My best friend, in another homeroom (which I was “adopted to” that day before the chariot racing) won the race! I was really proud of her! Then when we moved from the gym to the auditorium we had the talent show. I had to other friends of mine who both helped me with MC. They were actually really good. Actually, I didn’t really know the prize until the last minute, because we changed it. We, although the bake sale was such a great success, were not able to raise enough money (just during that one week) to buy two iPod nano’s for the ultimate prizes, gave the winners (two girls who sang Jar of Hearts together) $100 dollars and a week of no uniforms. Also, for all those who participated in the talent show got a week of no uniforms. This was a nice addition and I wonder if the students liked it even more than an iPod nano. We also had judges this year, unlike last year. I picked them out through a raffle, and one of my favorite 6th grader (who is in geometry math with me) was picked. Actually, the funny thing is I told him before that I hope he got to be a judge, which ended up happening by fate. So, I was really happy. They were able to say nice things to every actor, which was nice. None of them were allowed to say anything negative, which I guess turned out better then I expected. At the end of the fashion show I was able to get them all up on stage to specially thank them. For the dance, we cut out hearts to stick on the walls and had pink and red and white streamers hung up. It looked really nice. At the end of it everyone had a wonderful time, I was just upset because no one really recognized how much effort I put in to make this work. I believe that I worked harder than my principle and this other teacher in charge for Eco-club (which took care of all the games in the gym). Also, to compensate,  Eco was actually able to raise money to buy the two iPod nano’s and had a raffle for them. Two seventh graders won the raffles, so I’m happy for them!

Just last night there was a huge event held at my school that four high school 11th graders (two of whom are in my Hebrew class) organized. This fashion show was to help support this organization called Shanti House. They basically take in kids that were sexually abused, physically abused, or runaways, orphans or any child 21 or younger who wishes to come to them. They take care of them as if they are a family and they supply them with education and try to help them find a job when they leave. It was a really good cause to base this fashion on. Overall it was a really cool experience to watch what some AIS students created and also some other fashion from actual stores like Levi’s. I was the only middle schooler who helped with this event by selling tickets and also raffles (sadly I didn’t win anything). My eye was really on this cooking class that you could win. However, I didn’t win anything, but I had a fun time! I also was able to meet up with some of my high school friends that I never get to see anymore, which was nice.

Lent has started, about a week ago. I gave up chocolate and sweets. My mom also told me about something more meaningful would be to give up being mean or talking behind people’s backs. So I gave up talking behind people’s backs (which isn’t that hard for me, since I don’t really do that anyways). My hardest part is giving up sweets and chocolate. The way I’m feeling right now, I had no idea I was actually addicted to sugar.  It’s been so hard, I’m always craving something sweet, and I’m wondering if my headaches are worse because of it (since I always have headaches since the time I got sick and had to quite gymnastics. Maybe I will explain the type of pain and stuff in another post in case someone could diagnose me?). No doctor has ever found out my problem. I’m trying these pills, but they aren’t working. So, I always thought I was healthy, but this no sugar policy is killing me. It’s so much harder than I expected.  My mom actually just read today an article on how sugar actually is really bad for you. It’s almost like poison. Especially drinks, all the sugar goes to your liver really quickly. Your liver isn’t sure what to do with it, so it turns it into fat immediately. Your body can’t really know the difference between corn syrup (gross generated) stuff verses natural types of sugar. But in any event, it can even give cancer. The diet of Japanese or Koreans do not eat sugar that much, so they don’t get cancer as much (according to this article) as American’s do. So please watch out the amount of sugar you all consume because in a way it is dangerous. I had no idea the amount of sugar I was eating (in sweets, cakes, cookies, or other baked goods). You just don’t pay attention to those types of stuff. So please, open your eyes to what you are all eating! Hopefully by the end of these 40 days, I won’t be addicted to sugar anymore. But, it is going to be so hard this next month!



Summary of the Week! – Jan. 23rd (Training)

It’s been really fun last week and this week, to be really able to take charge of the student council (just because my principle really runs the meetings even though I am the president). So, it’s pretty hard to stand up. I’ve been trying to get everything organized for the Lock In. We had auditions for the Talent Show today. It went really well. We are going to have a prize for 1st place, or the first three places all depending on who wins. It’s a secret, so just in case any of my friends are reading this blog, I am not going to say what it is.

For Valentine’s day I’ve made it official that we are going to get long stem roses. So, that will be pretty fun.

I went to the fitness program today. However, it was open gym, so I came there right after school (even before dinner!). I exercised based of this list that I was provided last time, which took me about 30-40 minutes. My back and shoulders have been aching, but I want to ask next time if  I could add a few more routines to my exercise. This whole thing is exciting as well as everything that has been going on lately. . .

Science fair has been progressing along. I just saw this amazing clip of a boy (13 years old!) presenting a power point to all these judges on a really ingenious idea. Basically, he looked at the golden ratio of how a tree is structured, and tried to mimic that for this creating with solar panels. It turns out that his creation collected 50% more sunlight than just flat solar panels. Also, today I just saw this Youtube video of a women in Uganda who wrote the book I received for Christmas — Kisses from Katie. Then, I saw another amazing thing on TV about the way elephants communicate. It just comes to show if you follow your heart, you can succeed and really learn something amazing. I feel this has really given me a lot of inspiration on being able to do something great in science (almost like the high-schooler who believes she has found the cure to cancer). All this new science information has been starting to reveal. I just really hope to be apart of this really soon, and I might have an idea of what I will be getting into. . .

So Much To Do. . . So Little Time!

My week has been hectic! I’ve had to deal with an upcoming school event (yes the next big thing) — Lock In, Valentine’s Day, science fair, U.S. Western Expansion exam in humanities, an essay, and a Hebrew quiz! So, I’ve been having to study so much and talk to a bunch of teacher even though I’m sick.

Every year we have a special school event called Lock In.  Here, the student council and eco-club work together. This year our theme is being locked in Candy Land (so you are basically locked in at school). Right after school all the middle school students are locked in the gym. There are many games and a raffle (you get a certain amount of money for each type of game you play). Then after that, we all eat dinner, which is usually pizza. Next, we all move to the auditorium, where the talent show is held. I am probably going to do a Sonata for piano. There is going to be a grand prize (it might be an I-pod touch but we aren’t sure yet). Also, there will be a second and third prize (we are thinking about having a gift basket full of candy/junk food or something like that). All of this is a secret however, until we find out for sure what the student council is going to do. Basically, the eco-club is in charge of  the games and we (the student council) are in charge of the talent show and the Valentine’s dance afterwards. this is going to be on February 10th, so it’s a while a ways.

For Valentine’s Day, this year, we are going to have something special. With the high school, we are going to sell roses. White is for friend, pink is for interested, and red is for love. I think it is really cute and it’s the first time we have ever done anything.

Science fair is also coming up. It starts towards the end of this month. It’s about a month long (a bit shorter than last year). I had to go to my math teacher to see if he could help me with figuring out this formula (my science fair has to do with the math). He was not able to explain it to me, so I have to go to these two AP Calculus math teachers in the high school tomorrow. This weekend I’m going to buy the plants. My science fair is different than almost everyone at my school. I am doing it internationally with a girl from the U.S. and a girl from Germany. It’s fun, but much harder than doing it with someone at my school. Hopefully, I will be able to get this complicated idea figured out and do it well.

On top of all these big events coming up, I still have the everyday homework load this weekend — a huge U.S. Western Expanion exam, an essay on October Sky (a book we read), and a Hebrew quiz. I was sick on Monday, so I wasn’t able to get my notebook and folder that my humanities teacher had (because he grades that four times a year) to study. So, he mentioned about having a day extension on the test (which I really need) but the next two days we have an in-class essay. So, hopefully, I will be able to do it on Thursday during Instant Replay (a block where you do homework). Also, tomorrow I have a Hebrew quiz. I hope all goes well, because that high school class is really difficult for me.

So, as you can see, I have a crazy schedule. Hopefully, all will go well. But I know in the end, if the student council and eco-club do well, the Lock In will be a huge success! I’m really excited (and just can’t wait for the science fair to end)! It’s just such a huge weight put on your shoulders. But, I’ll just have to get through my last year doing the science fair. Can’t wait!! Thank you!