HS Hockey Marathon, Lock In, Fashion Show, and Lent

I’m so sorry for all of you who do follow my blog (I’ve probably lost most of you) because I haven’t written in about a month. Basically, I stopped writing when one girl in my grade’s little brother in 4th grade started to use everything I ever wrote on here against me. I know it shouldn’t have gotten to me (especially a 4th grader) but it did a bit. So, just everyday I would not feel like writing and  I made the excuse of having too much homework and science fair work to write a simple post. So, I kind of just put this aside, but now I’m ready to pick up blogging again. Once again, sorry for the absence of posts, but I’ll get it back on the road again!

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote including high school’s hockey marathon, lock in, the fashion show which was just held yesterday, and how I’m struggling through lent.

The high school hockey marathon was taking place a bit before the middle schools lock in, where there are games in the gym, a talent show and a dance. The student council was in charge of the talent show and the dance. We put up lists where people could sign up. At the end of it, we had a lot of talented people signing up. So, of course we needed to have a prize for the most talented person. This took a bit of thinking, but in the end we came up with the perfect idea. I decided that the student council should have a bake sale during the high school’s hockey marathon. They did this during our hockey marathon, so why couldn’t we do this for ours? This would help us pay for the prize and also the DJ for the Valentine’s Dance. I made two dozen cupcakes the day before in red and blue colors (which are the colors the two teams are placed in for hockey marathon). I sold them to all the middle schoolers and also two a lot of people on my bus. The next day we had a more organized bake sale where I made (which was requested by my principle) to make 42 cupcakes. Again  I made them red or blue, so that the person on the blue team could pick a blue cupcake and vis versa.  Also, some other girls brought cookies, drinks, and brownies to sell as well. We made a bit over 500 NIS, which is about $132. This was really good for us and it was a big success!

During the Lock In, I was mostly working to get things in order such as running my homeroom games (because everyone else in my homeroom ran off, leaving me to work the game), being MC for the talent show as well as performing piano for it, and making sure everything was okay for the dance. Everyone had fun, so that I guess was good. I wish I had more fun though, and didn’t work as much. There were chariot races with two members from each homeroom (one girl and one boy) to participate. I did it last year and let go, so I decided not to do it this year. My best friend, in another homeroom (which I was “adopted to” that day before the chariot racing) won the race! I was really proud of her! Then when we moved from the gym to the auditorium we had the talent show. I had to other friends of mine who both helped me with MC. They were actually really good. Actually, I didn’t really know the prize until the last minute, because we changed it. We, although the bake sale was such a great success, were not able to raise enough money (just during that one week) to buy two iPod nano’s for the ultimate prizes, gave the winners (two girls who sang Jar of Hearts together) $100 dollars and a week of no uniforms. Also, for all those who participated in the talent show got a week of no uniforms. This was a nice addition and I wonder if the students liked it even more than an iPod nano. We also had judges this year, unlike last year. I picked them out through a raffle, and one of my favorite 6th grader (who is in geometry math with me) was picked. Actually, the funny thing is I told him before that I hope he got to be a judge, which ended up happening by fate. So, I was really happy. They were able to say nice things to every actor, which was nice. None of them were allowed to say anything negative, which I guess turned out better then I expected. At the end of the fashion show I was able to get them all up on stage to specially thank them. For the dance, we cut out hearts to stick on the walls and had pink and red and white streamers hung up. It looked really nice. At the end of it everyone had a wonderful time, I was just upset because no one really recognized how much effort I put in to make this work. I believe that I worked harder than my principle and this other teacher in charge for Eco-club (which took care of all the games in the gym). Also, to compensate,  Eco was actually able to raise money to buy the two iPod nano’s and had a raffle for them. Two seventh graders won the raffles, so I’m happy for them!

Just last night there was a huge event held at my school that four high school 11th graders (two of whom are in my Hebrew class) organized. This fashion show was to help support this organization called Shanti House. They basically take in kids that were sexually abused, physically abused, or runaways, orphans or any child 21 or younger who wishes to come to them. They take care of them as if they are a family and they supply them with education and try to help them find a job when they leave. It was a really good cause to base this fashion on. Overall it was a really cool experience to watch what some AIS students created and also some other fashion from actual stores like Levi’s. I was the only middle schooler who helped with this event by selling tickets and also raffles (sadly I didn’t win anything). My eye was really on this cooking class that you could win. However, I didn’t win anything, but I had a fun time! I also was able to meet up with some of my high school friends that I never get to see anymore, which was nice.

Lent has started, about a week ago. I gave up chocolate and sweets. My mom also told me about something more meaningful would be to give up being mean or talking behind people’s backs. So I gave up talking behind people’s backs (which isn’t that hard for me, since I don’t really do that anyways). My hardest part is giving up sweets and chocolate. The way I’m feeling right now, I had no idea I was actually addicted to sugar.  It’s been so hard, I’m always craving something sweet, and I’m wondering if my headaches are worse because of it (since I always have headaches since the time I got sick and had to quite gymnastics. Maybe I will explain the type of pain and stuff in another post in case someone could diagnose me?). No doctor has ever found out my problem. I’m trying these pills, but they aren’t working. So, I always thought I was healthy, but this no sugar policy is killing me. It’s so much harder than I expected.  My mom actually just read today an article on how sugar actually is really bad for you. It’s almost like poison. Especially drinks, all the sugar goes to your liver really quickly. Your liver isn’t sure what to do with it, so it turns it into fat immediately. Your body can’t really know the difference between corn syrup (gross generated) stuff verses natural types of sugar. But in any event, it can even give cancer. The diet of Japanese or Koreans do not eat sugar that much, so they don’t get cancer as much (according to this article) as American’s do. So please watch out the amount of sugar you all consume because in a way it is dangerous. I had no idea the amount of sugar I was eating (in sweets, cakes, cookies, or other baked goods). You just don’t pay attention to those types of stuff. So please, open your eyes to what you are all eating! Hopefully by the end of these 40 days, I won’t be addicted to sugar anymore. But, it is going to be so hard this next month!



The Final Countdown. . . Which Team Will Win?


Today was the big day. I lead the blue team for the opening and closing ceremony while pumping up the blue team (half the Middle School) by chanting “Let’s go blue-u-u . . . let’s go”. We had our skit, which went okay. I added a few easy flips that would be safe on a wood gym floor without mats like a cartwheel without hands, a side-semi, and a back handspring.

I switched between playing offense and goalie, but was mainly goalie for the marathon. My team, Toy Story,  did not end up using the tactic of calling out our Toy Story character names when we needed to get that team member’s attention, but we were very well spread out, passed a lot, and overall very good. I think I actually had the best girls team.

One really hard team, Pussy Cat Dolls, attempted over 20 times (well maybe I am exaggerating a bit) to score goals, but only one went into my goal.  Despite my strong team, the race toward winning was very close. One second red would be in the lead, the next blue was. The scoring system that we had was based on every goal scored by each individual team (not by the win of each smaller game). So, it was a race until the final game of the last second. I had some doubts before the last game was played, and I turned out to be right. Blue lost, which is sad for me and my whole blue team but I think to play at this Middle School Hockey Marathon is not about winning (but if we did that would have been great) but about having fun and the experience during this day. The score was 78 to 80. It was a very close game with only a 2 goal difference. Last year it was a one goal difference (and I was on the winning side), which just shows that the decision making of the teams were very good, making it a close and competitive marathon.

Congratulations Red!

Hockey Marathon Tomorrow!! . . . And the Weekend Ahead

This week has been crazy! I have stayed after school every day for hockey marathon practice (with the exception of Tuesday wear I had after school soccer and on Wednesday after hockey marathon I had a Chorus concert and did not go to bed until 11 at night). Tomorrow is going to be the big day, wear all my practice and hard work of putting together the opening ceremony, choosing teams, choosing the logo of the shirt, all the decoration,  everything will pay off. Let the Middle School 2011 Hockey Marathon games begin! For the special day my friends and I bought these blue soccer socks, painting our nails blue, and putting blue hair spray and lipstick lines across our cheeks. Also, of course, we are wearing our Hockey Marathon T-shirt.

As for applying to Exeter, I still have to write my second essay which I then have to hand write. Also, in September I took the PSAT just to get an idea of the test before it actually counting (when I will be in High School). So, we were waiting for my PSAT scores to come in, so that hopefully I could give (if they were good) to Exeter instead of having to re-study for the SSAT (which is pretty similar) and take it in January. However, the problem is I have to pay for the SSAT test by Monday, and I probably will not get my PSAT scores by then (even though my brothers already received theirs, but they live in the U.S. so it is closer to mail to). So, most likely I will have to take the SSAT in January. I need to start studying for that, as well as write my essay.

This weekend, beside all the application requirements I have to finish, I also need to finish all my homework. In humanities (which is sort of like English and grammar combined) I have to outline 4 chapters of an American history book and finish a map of America by Wednesday and Thursday. I have to start getting ready for the NESA science fair (which I am actually privileged to be the representative from Israel working with a student from America and a student from Germany). For my High School Hebrew class, we are going to have a final exam in a couple weeks which I have to study. My Hebrew teacher told us that it is similar to the SAT 2 test (or Hebrew Subject test) but based on the material we have learned since the beginning of the year — internet, connections, breakthroughs, and so on. I am really nervous for the test, but if I can do this test, I think that by the end of this year I might be able to take the Hebrew Subject test.

I am so exhausted from this week that tonight (before the Hockey Marathon) I am going to bed at 8:30! I guess this week and a few weeks before were a lot and I have a lot ahead of me as well. We will see who wins the hockey marathon tomorrow! Oh, my team (blue) which is called Toy Story have come up with a great plan. There is a women at the Hockey Marathon that irons on letters that you would like on the back of your shirt. So, for my team of 7 (including me) decided to all give each other names based on the characters in Toy Story. So, I am Slinky. We will use these names during the actually hockey game to call out to our teamates to pass the ball without the other team knowing. Hopefully this will work. We shall see. GO BLUE!!!

Israeli Wedding, Homework Projects, Hockey Marathon, and Phillips Exeter Academy!!

I know that it’s been awhile since my last post, but I have had such a hectic week — I went to a wedding, I had a huge exam in humanities on the U.S. Constitution, a oral presentation in Hebrew, getting the hockey marathon opening ceremony together, and also the biggest news, I am applying to Phillips Exeter Academy!

My brothers best friend, who is an Israeli, invited my whole family to his sister’s wedding this last Thursday. It was the very first wedding that I ever attended. Of course the whole ceremony was in Hebrew, but it was such a unique experience. For the first dance, which was a very special and sweet moment, my brother’s friend and his older brother played the saxophone and piano for their sister. Also, during the actual ceremony there is a contract that the groom gives the wife that says basically if he does anything she can divorce him and that will be the amount of money he will give her.

I studied in advanced for my U.S. Constitution test, and also put together a huge study guide (based on the questions he would ask us). This allowed me to know the material cold. So, even though the night before I did not have time to study, I think I did well. Also, making time for your teachers to look at your presentation and what you will say in Hebrew (or any other subject or assignment) can really help. If you go to your teacher in advanced, talk with him/her, and show him/her your work, you will be able to get an understanding of what you can correct before actually presenting it. This can help you in two ways — (1) you will feel confident and be able to do a good job when you have to present your project, and (2) you will be able to take the corrections and understand them so you can learn from your mistakes the next time you have to present a power point. Whenever there are writing assignments in my Hebrew class, my Hebrew teacher allows you to correct the mistakes. However, you need to make the time to correct them and if you don’t then what you got for that grade is what you will receive. So, if you can get your homework done ahead of time, you can make time to talk to your teacher and make corrections which will help you to be a better student and learn far more than if you did not stay on top of your work.

Hockey Marathon is coming up really soon! In fact, it is this Friday! Our skit is going well, we are starting to act it out. Also, since our theme is reality vs. fantasy we have this wall (blue on one side and red on the other) that keeps the two worlds apart. However, a part of the wall breaks which makes the peace between the two worlds unbalanced. So, we fit (by playing hockey) to settle the dispute and whoever’s team wins, they will be receive the golden stick (which is the part that is missing) to place back on the wall. I have finally been able to get a Bugs Bunny costume, and I hope everything goes well. We have made up the teams, and the rest of the Middle School will find out on Monday. We tried our best to make it as balanced between the two teams — red and blue — as possible. Some of my friends and I are thinking about wearing high red, or blue socks during the hockey marathon! Also, just like every year, the week of the hockey marathon is spirit week. So Monday is twin/multiple day (I will be a triplet), Tuesday will be pajama day, Wednesday will be switch gender day, and Thursday will be crazy hair day and nationality day (where you wear the colors of your country). I am really excited!

I have not fully decided yet, but I am pretty sure that if I get in to Phillips Exeter Academy (the boarding school where my brothers go to) then I will go. It is just such a great opportunity that will open many doors for me. So, I have started working on my application. I have talked to my teachers and they are writing recommendations. I am starting my essays, and my mom wrote hers. I have to start studying for the SSAT as well and will take it in January.  So, we will see what the future holds for me.


Team Decisions — Hockey Marathon

I know it has been a few days since my last post, but I have been pretty busy. Everyday during lunch and after school on Monday’s I have to stay for Hockey Marathon Captain meetings.  In our school, we have a tradition that we do every year during December. This is called the Hockey Marathon. Basically, we split up the Middle School into two teams — red and blue — and play indoor hockey all day long. For the Middle School this is a really big deal, and for the High School it’s an even bigger deal. Captains (like myself) work really hard with the opening ceremony, the design of the t-shirts that all the players will be wearing,  the theme of the Hockey Marathon, and the closing ceremony.

This year our theme is The Battle of the Realms — with Blue Fantasy and Red Reality. Yes, of course the captains get to choose what team they are on. . . so as anyone can tell I chose to be on Blue Fantasy. Even though I submitted a design for the t-shirts, the captains decided on another design by a 7th grader boy. I was disappointed, but I congratulate the 7th grader winner and know that I will always have next year to try again when I go to high school.

So, just like each year, we have to come up with a skit for the opening and closing ceremony. I am the classic Bugs Bunny (which I am still trying to find a costume). The blue and red teams (for hockey) are separated into sub-groups. Also, girls are separate from boys for the actual hockey. We got to decide what the names of all the sub-groups were. So, here are a few examples:

Unicorns vs. Stallions

Vampires vs. Bats

Shaquillie O’Neal (a basketball player) vs. Big Foot

As for the skit, we are starting with the recording so that during the actual opening/closing ceremony we will only mouth the words. (also because of my gymnastics, I will be doing some flips). Hockey Marathon will be in three weeks (or sometime around then). I can’t wait!