Wait Listed – Exeter

I found out on March 10th that I got wait listed for Exeter. I am still deciding on whether I should push and get in, or drop out of the wait list. I guess I didn’t feel any real emotion except that to tell others would be very embarrassing. I still only told my best friend, another super close friend, and one of my teachers who asked me. I’ve been really quiet about it, because even with this wait list, I guess I still have a slim chance of getting in. I feel as if, I’ve been split (in a limbo) on either putting my heart into going to Exeter or staying here. At this point, I feel as if, I don’t really care for Exeter as much as others. At AIS everything is known, and Exeter is the unknown. I don’t want people to think the reason why I’m not going to go to Exeter is because I’m afraid of it being too hard and what not. In fact, it’s totally far from that aspect. I believe I would be happier here, and I have so many opportunities that are popping up in my face throughout this last year, that I can possibly pursue. I love it here, and I have since I first came here, 7 years ago. Basically, Exeter said that everything was really good but my writing (in the essay for the SSAT) and my verbal section were not good enough. I admit that I had a very bad experience with the SSAT, because I only had one week to study, but they should not just base my acceptance on scores. I feel as if they could care less about me. So, I just had science fair this Friday and it went well. I have everything going for me here, including I might get my science fair report (that involves BC Calculus) published. Therefore, I am a bit angry at Exeter for not seeing what I have in me (not that I’m trying to brag or anything). My dreams are still ahead of me, and I believe I can get to them even with out Exeter. So, I might still (there is a small possibility) that I update them with all that I’ve accomplished. However, I’m still debating the subject, as too how much I want to go. Definitely, if I went, I know I would love everything about it, but I’m terrified and have no idea what so ever to do. It’s a lot of pressure, because this unfolds and effects the rest of your life (especially the next four years). So, if any of you have any suggestions (and know me from all my previous posts about this topic) please help me decide!



SSAT — It’s Finally Done!

I took the SSAT today. It went pretty well, but of course I really don’t know how I did like I would on any test at school. It’s all about strategy, how you eliminate, and make the best guesses. I’m just relieved it’s over and will wait until March to find out what Exeter decides. No matter what happens I think just being able to put myself out there and take the SSAT will help me for the future when I have to take the SAT. I know that my verbal section is not that great, so I have 9 months (until I take the PSAT again) to really focus and improve on that. I hope all goes well with the decision process and if I don’t get accepted, staying here will be just as great. I will be able to take the Hebrew Subject Test and find other activities outside of school to keep up with rigorous academics/activities that Exeter provides.

Exeter, Miss Porter’s, or Here (WBAIS)?

Of course I need to wait before I hear any news from Exeter, but I’m still searching and trying to figure out what is the best option for me. So far my practice tests for the SSAT don’t seem to be going that well. So, my mom and I started to look at Miss Porter’s School and some other all girl schools. They require a lower score for the SSAT test. However, I really don’t think I would like to go there. At this point, I am just going to try my best on Sunday. We’ll see if I get into Exeter or not. If not, I have a good back up plan. My plan is to stay here and hopefully I can stay as long as possible in Israel at WBAIS. My options are open for whatever the plan is ahead of me. So we shall see. . .

“How Would You Introduce Yourself?”

Reflecting back on my interview, I’m starting to think about this one question that really stand out in my mind: “If you were to meet someone new (for example his name is George and he is from France), how would you introduce yourself?”

Most people would just do the common thing of saying “Hi, my name is ___.” and go on from there. But because I live in a world so different than “most” people, it’s different. Living a unique life style gives you a big perspective of the world. You open up more. You understand the world in a new and more unique way. The world is your home, not some small city in the States. Just as one of my friends stated perfectly, we are global citizens. The simplest question — “Where are you from?” — is the hardest one to answer for me, and many others in the same position.  I have lived since the time I was one years old overseas. A lot of Americans at my school are exactly like an American in the US.  They know everything going on in the States and all the junk food they import to here. Basically, they are living in America but overseas (if that makes any sense). The first time I even knew what a Pop Tart was, was at the end of October! So, just perceive me as a non-typical American.

Back to the interview, when I told my parents how I answered the question, they started to laugh. I said basically I would tell the person where I am from (but I was only born in North Carolina and not really from there), I would say how long I’ve lived in Israel (almost 7 years), ask them how long they are staying in Israel, explain about the country a little bit, and introduce the person to my friends and where they all are from.

It’s probably a more unique way of answering the question than most people, but this is truly how I introduce myself and my friends to a new-comer.

Interview Success!!

So this morning I had my interview (I got there 1 hour early!). It was very nerve racking, but I managed. We went to a huge, beautiful law firm in Tel Aviv. Truly amazing.  The person interviewing me is actually a friend of my parents and he is super nice. I went to his office on the 36th floor and you could see Tel Aviv’s highways, buildings, and the beach from up there. One of the walls was just a huge window. Anyways, back to the actual interview, it went very well.  He asked me pretty hard questions that I wasn’t really prepared for, but I actually was able to answer them pretty well. For example, he asked me questions such as if you could change anything about your school what would it be. Or, if your friend was being interviewed right now, what would she say about you. There were other non-expectant questions as well.  It was tough, but good. He seemed impressed, and hopefully everything will go well.

Now all I have to do is my SSAT test on Sunday. I’ve been studying a lot, all day in fact for the past few days. I’ve divided the each section at a time, to really focus on my strategies. Then, after I take the test, my mom and I go over each question on the test to check for wrong answers or lucky guesses. This approach has actually really helped me improve and really understand the method of testing. I still have more room to do better, but so far this work has been helping. I hope Sunday goes well and after that it’s back to school!

Phillips Exeter Academy

Tomorrow is my interview! I’m really nervous but my dad preped me a bit, so hopefully all will go well. My SSAT test is less than a week and I’m starting to take the practice tests. It isn’t going so well. I have a big problem in reading (which I already knew from taking the PSAT) and I am trying to use all these techniques of active reading, but I can’t seem to get it. Ugh! Well hopefully I’ll improve before the time my test comes. My brothers both left last night to fly back to Exeter. My oldest brother is actually going to hand in my application, instead of us mailing it. I just want to get this week out of the way and not have to worry about it any longer! Well in the mean time, I am taking lots of tests (separating them out as well to get down my strategies). I’m just hoping for the best.

Israeli Wedding, Homework Projects, Hockey Marathon, and Phillips Exeter Academy!!

I know that it’s been awhile since my last post, but I have had such a hectic week — I went to a wedding, I had a huge exam in humanities on the U.S. Constitution, a oral presentation in Hebrew, getting the hockey marathon opening ceremony together, and also the biggest news, I am applying to Phillips Exeter Academy!

My brothers best friend, who is an Israeli, invited my whole family to his sister’s wedding this last Thursday. It was the very first wedding that I ever attended. Of course the whole ceremony was in Hebrew, but it was such a unique experience. For the first dance, which was a very special and sweet moment, my brother’s friend and his older brother played the saxophone and piano for their sister. Also, during the actual ceremony there is a contract that the groom gives the wife that says basically if he does anything she can divorce him and that will be the amount of money he will give her.

I studied in advanced for my U.S. Constitution test, and also put together a huge study guide (based on the questions he would ask us). This allowed me to know the material cold. So, even though the night before I did not have time to study, I think I did well. Also, making time for your teachers to look at your presentation and what you will say in Hebrew (or any other subject or assignment) can really help. If you go to your teacher in advanced, talk with him/her, and show him/her your work, you will be able to get an understanding of what you can correct before actually presenting it. This can help you in two ways — (1) you will feel confident and be able to do a good job when you have to present your project, and (2) you will be able to take the corrections and understand them so you can learn from your mistakes the next time you have to present a power point. Whenever there are writing assignments in my Hebrew class, my Hebrew teacher allows you to correct the mistakes. However, you need to make the time to correct them and if you don’t then what you got for that grade is what you will receive. So, if you can get your homework done ahead of time, you can make time to talk to your teacher and make corrections which will help you to be a better student and learn far more than if you did not stay on top of your work.

Hockey Marathon is coming up really soon! In fact, it is this Friday! Our skit is going well, we are starting to act it out. Also, since our theme is reality vs. fantasy we have this wall (blue on one side and red on the other) that keeps the two worlds apart. However, a part of the wall breaks which makes the peace between the two worlds unbalanced. So, we fit (by playing hockey) to settle the dispute and whoever’s team wins, they will be receive the golden stick (which is the part that is missing) to place back on the wall. I have finally been able to get a Bugs Bunny costume, and I hope everything goes well. We have made up the teams, and the rest of the Middle School will find out on Monday. We tried our best to make it as balanced between the two teams — red and blue — as possible. Some of my friends and I are thinking about wearing high red, or blue socks during the hockey marathon! Also, just like every year, the week of the hockey marathon is spirit week. So Monday is twin/multiple day (I will be a triplet), Tuesday will be pajama day, Wednesday will be switch gender day, and Thursday will be crazy hair day and nationality day (where you wear the colors of your country). I am really excited!

I have not fully decided yet, but I am pretty sure that if I get in to Phillips Exeter Academy (the boarding school where my brothers go to) then I will go. It is just such a great opportunity that will open many doors for me. So, I have started working on my application. I have talked to my teachers and they are writing recommendations. I am starting my essays, and my mom wrote hers. I have to start studying for the SSAT as well and will take it in January.  So, we will see what the future holds for me.