Random Yet Special!

Just a special random blog about….

Today, I got my 5th blog follower! I’m so excited. I have one twitter follower, and 4 comment followers. It’s really special to me, each individual that reads my blog because I feel as if I have affected someone’s life in some way that is thousands of miles away. People from Canada, the States, Cambodia, Columbia, France, and so many others I can’t even list look at my blog. It gives me a good feeling to know that someone actually reads this, and click the like button or follow me. Thanks for each and every one of you for just visiting my blog and reading it.

One week from today I also start school. I am really not looking forward to all the work that is facing me. I’ve tried to do some of my homework (and trying to finish it up), like my lab report. Now I’m starting to write my Hebrew presentation out. My mind is still numb from this whole year that I don’t even think I’ll make it out. My friend, whom I skype call for the longest time this past week because she is in France, and I have been talking about dropping out together (just as a joke of course) and wondering how people even make it through high school, let alone college. We have school until the 13th of June, so pretty soon. Also, I might leave early if I am accepted to this STEM program. So, I’ll also miss my 8th grade graduation, but weighing everything, I think that’s alright.  I can’t wait until summer, where I’ll finally go back to the States and go swimming in the heat of the sun, and having nothing to do. I watched the finale of Wizards of Waverly Place through Skype of my friends computer (the one from France). Very cool with the technology….

A few days ago I signed the paper. I signed to take myself out of the wait list for Exeter. They received it. So, officially (we also signed the form that I would come back next year) I will be attending WBAIS for my first year of high school. I’m pretty excited because there are so many courses that I can choose in high school. It’s exciting, and I’m really happy! Exeter already put me in next years round. I basically didn’t want to hurt my chances by pushing the wait list, get in, and then not go, for next year. So, I think it’s all going to go, somewhat, okay. My life is crazy, and I barely know what’s happening the year after the next. My dad was suppose (and still probably is) going to Iraq next year and my mom and I will stay in Israel, but now they are thinking about having him stay here another year, and then go to Iraq. We’ll see where that takes us (if something does happen), because I could stay here an extra year, which would be exciting.

And finally, my mother’s birthday is coming up. It’s on Wednesday. My dad and I have a special plan, and everything is SO top secret, that I won’t share it to you all until after the fact (just because my mom MIGHT – very slim possibility – read this). But, it’s something worth waiting for. . .


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