We just had an awesome brunch at a place called Benedicts. It’s the best place to have breakfast, since in Israel they have more Israeli breakfasts with hard boiled eggs and salad. Here, it’s more like an American place. Really yummy in fact. Then, my friends and I are going to watch a movie (really soon). I’m not quiet sure what we are watching though. But then after that, straight away, my family and I are going to Jerusalem.

We are going to spend the night there at the Notre Dame hotel. Then, in the morning, we are going to wake up and have a church service at 5 AM! That’s gonna be early, considering I’ve gone to be at 1 in the morning this whole last week. We are going to a church where it is known to not be where Jesus tomb was but, it gives off the feeling like it. The whole point of waking up at 5 before dawn, is to “walk in Marry’s shoes” when she brought linens and oil to properly anoint Jesus before burring him. This will be really cool, I think. We’ll see how it goes, but I can’t wait. This will be a pretty memorable Easter, I think.

And next year my birthday will be on Easter again!!! (I’m keeping track. I had Easter on my birthday when I was 3, next year when I will turn 15, when I’m 25, 88, and finally 99. After that I don’t think I’ll be alive, but it’s pretty cool!).


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