Apologies and the Spring Formal!

First off, I use this blog to really share my personal life and thoughts with all of you. However, at certain points I forgot that this is a public place where anyone and everyone can view everything that I write.  So, if anyone has noticed, I did delete one post. I realized that I wrote that during a time that I was not well, and was totally angry. I feel sorry for the girl that I targeted by bringing her down, because of how I felt. But I just want to note that I am sorry, I loved her project (now I’m not just saying that, I really do, because of the cool light ups and how the oil glows in the dark. I seriously don’t think I could have done as good of a job. That’s coming from my heart – I really mean it). I definitely admit that there are certain things that I shouldn’t have said. But I’m just lucky that only few people saw it, rather than everyone at my school. I couldn’t have anyone better, or as worthy, to share first place with. She stands as a great challenge for me to compete with. Maybe it’s our competitiveness? But she’s a sweetheart so I should never (and will never – for the future to come) take it out on her. Thank you, and I’m so sorry!

Anyways, on a happier note, I am going to a Spring Formal tomorrow at the school. Yes, it’s a dance. I’m excited, just because we haven’t had a dance in awhile. At first I didn’t want to go, but of course one of my friends is making me, but I’m happy for that! I might be getting ready with four girls (two Israeli, and two Angolan) tomorrow and one of the girls’ house. Also, I am having a birthday/sleepover with three girls. My mom restricted it to three, and so I chose my closest friends, although one of the four is in a different country, since it is the beginning of break. We’ll probably go bowling or something at the mall, we have a special surprise too, and overall I just can’t wait (since one girl is in 9th grade and so I don’t see her that much). I’m excited! And Happy Birthday To All the March Birthday’s this Month!!!!!!


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