Science Fair – How Was the Judging?

On Friday supposedly four judges had to come around and judge my project/board/presentation (although I had like 15). I think it all went very well. Many people (including other judges and parents) came up to me to tell me that my project was amazing. I feel great about what I was able to do and how I presented it. I don’t think I could’ve done any better. However, I might continue, so that we can publish it for the NSTA like my science teacher thinks. This would be so awesome! My science teacher also pulled me aside at the end of class saying that a judge came up to her and said that my project was the best he’s ever seen! 😀 I am so happy at the moment!

This science fair has lead to great outcomes (that are still unfolding themselves). After having Saturday and Sunday off, I still am tired and am just collapsing. These last five weeks have been so hard, and now I am sick. I might have gotten my illness from my very good friend (we had a sleep over right after science fair to celebrate). In any event, my immune system is low, I am collapsing from all the work involved, and now I’m so sick I can’t go to school and I have so much work to do. I have an in-class writing today and tomorrow, I have a test on Friday about this book we’ve read (Shilo) and I have a math test on Thursday, and a Hebrew test on Wednesday. My week is booked, but I can’t do anything at the moment. This definitely makes me stressed, because when I get back, there will be so much work I have to make up , not including all the homework that I will usually have! Wish me luck!


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