Wait Listed – Exeter

I found out on March 10th that I got wait listed for Exeter. I am still deciding on whether I should push and get in, or drop out of the wait list. I guess I didn’t feel any real emotion except that to tell others would be very embarrassing. I still only told my best friend, another super close friend, and one of my teachers who asked me. I’ve been really quiet about it, because even with this wait list, I guess I still have a slim chance of getting in. I feel as if, I’ve been split (in a limbo) on either putting my heart into going to Exeter or staying here. At this point, I feel as if, I don’t really care for Exeter as much as others. At AIS everything is known, and Exeter is the unknown. I don’t want people to think the reason why I’m not going to go to Exeter is because I’m afraid of it being too hard and what not. In fact, it’s totally far from that aspect. I believe I would be happier here, and I have so many opportunities that are popping up in my face throughout this last year, that I can possibly pursue. I love it here, and I have since I first came here, 7 years ago. Basically, Exeter said that everything was really good but my writing (in the essay for the SSAT) and my verbal section were not good enough. I admit that I had a very bad experience with the SSAT, because I only had one week to study, but they should not just base my acceptance on scores. I feel as if they could care less about me. So, I just had science fair this Friday and it went well. I have everything going for me here, including I might get my science fair report (that involves BC Calculus) published. Therefore, I am a bit angry at Exeter for not seeing what I have in me (not that I’m trying to brag or anything). My dreams are still ahead of me, and I believe I can get to them even with out Exeter. So, I might still (there is a small possibility) that I update them with all that I’ve accomplished. However, I’m still debating the subject, as too how much I want to go. Definitely, if I went, I know I would love everything about it, but I’m terrified and have no idea what so ever to do. It’s a lot of pressure, because this unfolds and effects the rest of your life (especially the next four years). So, if any of you have any suggestions (and know me from all my previous posts about this topic) please help me decide!



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  1. Mihika
    Jul 13, 2012 @ 21:04:14

    Hey I’m wait listed in Exeter too.. I’m soo annoyed. It’s been 5 months I still don’t have a definite answer. Do you have any idea when we’ll know??


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