Apologies and the Spring Formal!

First off, I use this blog to really share my personal life and thoughts with all of you. However, at certain points I forgot that this is a public place where anyone and everyone can view everything that I write.  So, if anyone has noticed, I did delete one post. I realized that I wrote that during a time that I was not well, and was totally angry. I feel sorry for the girl that I targeted by bringing her down, because of how I felt. But I just want to note that I am sorry, I loved her project (now I’m not just saying that, I really do, because of the cool light ups and how the oil glows in the dark. I seriously don’t think I could have done as good of a job. That’s coming from my heart – I really mean it). I definitely admit that there are certain things that I shouldn’t have said. But I’m just lucky that only few people saw it, rather than everyone at my school. I couldn’t have anyone better, or as worthy, to share first place with. She stands as a great challenge for me to compete with. Maybe it’s our competitiveness? But she’s a sweetheart so I should never (and will never – for the future to come) take it out on her. Thank you, and I’m so sorry!

Anyways, on a happier note, I am going to a Spring Formal tomorrow at the school. Yes, it’s a dance. I’m excited, just because we haven’t had a dance in awhile. At first I didn’t want to go, but of course one of my friends is making me, but I’m happy for that! I might be getting ready with four girls (two Israeli, and two Angolan) tomorrow and one of the girls’ house. Also, I am having a birthday/sleepover with three girls. My mom restricted it to three, and so I chose my closest friends, although one of the four is in a different country, since it is the beginning of break. We’ll probably go bowling or something at the mall, we have a special surprise too, and overall I just can’t wait (since one girl is in 9th grade and so I don’t see her that much). I’m excited! And Happy Birthday To All the March Birthday’s this Month!!!!!!


Exciting News!

I have some really exciting news! My friend called me around 9 o’clock today. She told me that I had won the science fair with another girl! I’m so happy, and I just feel as if everything (all my hard work and time) has paid off finally! Too bad I was too sick to go to school today, and actually go up, when they called my name. However, now I get to go through the international round of judging (which will be online!). This is just a quick update to share with all of you my good news. Thanks for all of you being so supportive! I will update you all on our family celebration of Easter and Birthdays (before my brothers left, which was yesterday) later. Thanks!

Science Fair – How Was the Judging?

On Friday supposedly four judges had to come around and judge my project/board/presentation (although I had like 15). I think it all went very well. Many people (including other judges and parents) came up to me to tell me that my project was amazing. I feel great about what I was able to do and how I presented it. I don’t think I could’ve done any better. However, I might continue, so that we can publish it for the NSTA like my science teacher thinks. This would be so awesome! My science teacher also pulled me aside at the end of class saying that a judge came up to her and said that my project was the best he’s ever seen! 😀 I am so happy at the moment!

This science fair has lead to great outcomes (that are still unfolding themselves). After having Saturday and Sunday off, I still am tired and am just collapsing. These last five weeks have been so hard, and now I am sick. I might have gotten my illness from my very good friend (we had a sleep over right after science fair to celebrate). In any event, my immune system is low, I am collapsing from all the work involved, and now I’m so sick I can’t go to school and I have so much work to do. I have an in-class writing today and tomorrow, I have a test on Friday about this book we’ve read (Shilo) and I have a math test on Thursday, and a Hebrew test on Wednesday. My week is booked, but I can’t do anything at the moment. This definitely makes me stressed, because when I get back, there will be so much work I have to make up , not including all the homework that I will usually have! Wish me luck!

Wait Listed – Exeter

I found out on March 10th that I got wait listed for Exeter. I am still deciding on whether I should push and get in, or drop out of the wait list. I guess I didn’t feel any real emotion except that to tell others would be very embarrassing. I still only told my best friend, another super close friend, and one of my teachers who asked me. I’ve been really quiet about it, because even with this wait list, I guess I still have a slim chance of getting in. I feel as if, I’ve been split (in a limbo) on either putting my heart into going to Exeter or staying here. At this point, I feel as if, I don’t really care for Exeter as much as others. At AIS everything is known, and Exeter is the unknown. I don’t want people to think the reason why I’m not going to go to Exeter is because I’m afraid of it being too hard and what not. In fact, it’s totally far from that aspect. I believe I would be happier here, and I have so many opportunities that are popping up in my face throughout this last year, that I can possibly pursue. I love it here, and I have since I first came here, 7 years ago. Basically, Exeter said that everything was really good but my writing (in the essay for the SSAT) and my verbal section were not good enough. I admit that I had a very bad experience with the SSAT, because I only had one week to study, but they should not just base my acceptance on scores. I feel as if they could care less about me. So, I just had science fair this Friday and it went well. I have everything going for me here, including I might get my science fair report (that involves BC Calculus) published. Therefore, I am a bit angry at Exeter for not seeing what I have in me (not that I’m trying to brag or anything). My dreams are still ahead of me, and I believe I can get to them even with out Exeter. So, I might still (there is a small possibility) that I update them with all that I’ve accomplished. However, I’m still debating the subject, as too how much I want to go. Definitely, if I went, I know I would love everything about it, but I’m terrified and have no idea what so ever to do. It’s a lot of pressure, because this unfolds and effects the rest of your life (especially the next four years). So, if any of you have any suggestions (and know me from all my previous posts about this topic) please help me decide!


Science Fair Here I Come!

Science fair is tomorrow! I am so excited but really nervous. My actual report is 48 pages long. My board is complete, and everything is ready for the big day tomorrow. My mom will be taking pictures tomorrow, which I will post. As for showing you all my report, my science teacher really wants to publish my report (although I might have to do some changes) for the NSTA. This will be such a new and cool experience. Right now I am just looking through my analysis, preping for when my four judges come around to ask me about my project, and just hoping for the best. Wish me luck!


Random Update

Hey. Sorry, I haven’t checked in for awhile. Science fair is almost over. I am finishing off my final report, which I can attach here, and then take a picture of my board. The final report is due in two days and the judging is this coming Friday (a week from now). It’s been a really long, hard and stressful past month. I just received my report card, I got all A’s thankfully. I went to a Purim party yesterday and went to a Robotics competition that my brother’s best friend (at AIS) participated in. It was really cool, and when I have more time, hopefully right after the science fair judging next week, I will post up all the photos and get back into the business of writing again. I really miss blogging and I miss all my viewers, so I promise I will be back at full speed as soon as this week is over.

Thanks again for all your support!