Sick :(

I’ve been sick for about a week and a half now. I got better in the middle of it, but now it’s worse again. I think I was basically trying to recover, but then would go to the fitness program (because I love it that much!) which would then make my immune system weak, making me sick again. I’ve missed the last two days of school, but was able to get a few handouts from a friend. So, in the mean time, I have talked to a BC calculus teacher about my science fair project (he is helping me a lot!), doing extra algebra 2 (which I haven’t done in awhile), getting ready for the bake sale on Friday where the high school has it’s Hockey Marathon (so we can earn money for the talent show), and working on my cello for a cello concert on Friday. I am doing a duet with my teacher, which is super fun! I have a lot ahead of me, and these few days have really given me some time to think and rest. Today at school, I was suppose to go (along with all the 8th graders) to the Weissman Institute. It is basically a museum of astronomy and physics. But unfortunately, I couldn’t go.


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