End of the Week and Fitness (Jan. 16-17th)

I finished all my tests today and am working on my essay. By tomorrow everything will be done. I think it is all going well though. Yesterday, I went to the running program. We first did a ton of fitness exercises (we probably did more than 50 push ups). My arms were killing me even until today. Then, we ran 4 kilometers, more fitness (sit ups), and then 10 sprints. Today, there was open gym during 5 to 8, where you go to another room with all these facilities and just do a lot of fitness exercises. Actually, this whole program and open gym has been super fun for me. It is hard, and my arms do really hurt, but I think it’s really great to start getting back in shape. It’s just nice to be able to work out and kind of feel the same way as I felt in the gym. Until now, I didn’t realize how much I missed just working out. So, I’m really excited!


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