Running Program

Yesterday I went to the running program from 6 to 7:30. There were a bit less than 20 kids, one of whom (besides me) was a girl. It was actually very good. Not to extreme of a workout, but hard enough. We did running loops and then came back to the small gym and did all sorts of fitness exercises like push ups and sit ups, then we would go back outside for another running loop. The first loop was a .5¬†kilometer, the second was 1 kilometer, the third was 1.5 kilometers, and the final run was 2 kilometers. I would say the running part was the easiest. Also, since it was night time and a bit cold, it made the run easier. After practice my arms were a bit sore, which is a good sign I guess. I really enjoyed the workout and am going to do it four times a week (but two of the days is not really an instructed class, more of going to a gym and working out as long as you want). I have to quit after-school soccer because it is during the same times as this running program. However, I think this fitness program is going to help me become more fit and is just a really good program! I’m actually really happy to have this program because I can finally have something (that I enjoy) to do for exercise because I miss not having anything (like gymnastics) to do during the week.


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