Forever21 in Israel!

I spent a 3 day weekend with one of my great Israeli friend (Friday evening to Sunday). This morning, we went to Forever21 in Tel Aviv. It only has recently come to Israel, so all my peers and I are super excited! In a few months a Forever21 store will be coming to 7 Stars Mall (close to wear I live). The clothes are a bit pricey, but much cheaper than other stores in Israel. I know that Forever21 tried to have their clothes priced reasonably (so here it’s like four dollars more than America). For example, I got four items — a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, and a skirt — all of that cost $89! But it was still really fun! The store was huge! It’s nice to have a little piece of America in Israel for a change, and I hope more stores come here as well. I had a really fun time with my friend! We made each our own separate chocolate cake from my Cake Boss cook book. We started to try and become professional bakers (as in making amazingly decorated cakes), but that didn’t turn out. They still look pretty awesome and taste even better.

Here are the pictures:

(left) my friend’s                          (right) mine


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