School Today!

School was really nice. I got to see all my friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time. My best friend was like oh, well hello there. Because I hadn’t seen her in SO long (less than one day ago). So, it was all fun. I had chorus, Hebrew, humanities, and P.E. I didn’t do so well on my Hebrew final as I had hoped, but that gives more room for improvement. Also, my class is pretty hard with all these 11th graders and the test was very similar to the Hebrew subject test (or SAT 2). This is actually a better environment for me, I think. To be pushed more that what I am capable of doing so I learn more, even if I don’t do as well. Since I’m not in high school yet, where my grades count, I can have the pleasure of learning beyond. Also, next year, I will have learned so much this year that I will have a better basis of knowledge and understanding.  I missed everyone and I think I’m actually glad to be back in school, with my regular routines again.


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