Trustworthy? Or Not?

If you could change your past what would it be? Would you have been nicer to one person, not let down another? What would be the most important thing in your past you would like to change?

There is always something that you may regret. You might  yearn to go back in time and change it. But to me all the mistakes that you make in life are lessons learned. You learn from your friends or siblings as well. The knowledge you have today is much more than what you knew a year ago or the day you always try to forget. So, no matter what ever happened, just take that as a next step to improve. All these mistakes, will build you in the end. I think I’ve experienced this with friends — not giving them the respect they diverse (e.g. opening up to a true friend), talking behind their backs, many things that most kids my age do. But by making those mistakes, you also need to take them and learn from them. To learn, you need to stop the bad habits. You need to renew yourself. This is something I incorporated for my New Year’s Resolution.  When school starts again (on the 9th) I will try to improve, and hopefully we will see results. At school, or anywhere else, you have a reputation. To be a better person, be nicer, open up to new people that are nice (but not necessarily in your group of friends), will improve that reputation. People will know you as a kind, open person that they can trust. Being trustworthy is probably the most important aspect of a friend, which everyone can approve upon.


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