Rice Crispy Treats!

Want something really delicious but requires hardly any work? Well, here is something which is really easy to make but tastes MUCH better than store bought kind: Rice Crispy Treats!

Here is how good they look (and they taste even better!):


What you will need:

1. mini-marshmallows (mini’s are much easier to melt)

2. Rice Crispy cereal

3. a bit of butter

4. a pan

5. a big spoon



Heat the stove to a low temperature. Place the pan on the stove. Add a small chunk of butter on to the pan and just lightly move it around (so that the marshmallows won’t stick to the pan). Then, add a half bag of marshmallows. Use the spoon to move around until completely melted (when there are hardly any bumps). Add the Rice Crispy cereal and blend it in to the marshmallows. If you find that there is still too much marshmallows, add more cereal, until nicely blended. Scoop out some on plates and its ready to serve!


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