“How Would You Introduce Yourself?”

Reflecting back on my interview, I’m starting to think about this one question that really stand out in my mind: “If you were to meet someone new (for example his name is George and he is from France), how would you introduce yourself?”

Most people would just do the common thing of saying “Hi, my name is ___.” and go on from there. But because I live in a world so different than “most” people, it’s different. Living a unique life style gives you a big perspective of the world. You open up more. You understand the world in a new and more unique way. The world is your home, not some small city in the States. Just as one of my friends stated perfectly, we are global citizens. The simplest question — “Where are you from?” — is the hardest one to answer for me, and many others in the same position.  I have lived since the time I was one years old overseas. A lot of Americans at my school are exactly like an American in the US.  They know everything going on in the States and all the junk food they import to here. Basically, they are living in America but overseas (if that makes any sense). The first time I even knew what a Pop Tart was, was at the end of October! So, just perceive me as a non-typical American.

Back to the interview, when I told my parents how I answered the question, they started to laugh. I said basically I would tell the person where I am from (but I was only born in North Carolina and not really from there), I would say how long I’ve lived in Israel (almost 7 years), ask them how long they are staying in Israel, explain about the country a little bit, and introduce the person to my friends and where they all are from.

It’s probably a more unique way of answering the question than most people, but this is truly how I introduce myself and my friends to a new-comer.


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