Interview Success!!

So this morning I had my interview (I got there 1 hour early!). It was very nerve racking, but I managed. We went to a huge, beautiful law firm in Tel Aviv. Truly amazing.  The person interviewing me is actually a friend of my parents and he is super nice. I went to his office on the 36th floor and you could see Tel Aviv’s highways, buildings, and the beach from up there. One of the walls was just a huge window. Anyways, back to the actual interview, it went very well.  He asked me pretty hard questions that I wasn’t really prepared for, but I actually was able to answer them pretty well. For example, he asked me questions such as if you could change anything about your school what would it be. Or, if your friend was being interviewed right now, what would she say about you. There were other non-expectant questions as well.  It was tough, but good. He seemed impressed, and hopefully everything will go well.

Now all I have to do is my SSAT test on Sunday. I’ve been studying a lot, all day in fact for the past few days. I’ve divided the each section at a time, to really focus on my strategies. Then, after I take the test, my mom and I go over each question on the test to check for wrong answers or lucky guesses. This approach has actually really helped me improve and really understand the method of testing. I still have more room to do better, but so far this work has been helping. I hope Sunday goes well and after that it’s back to school!


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