The Wall Calendar

Something that I love to use for school and even during the break is a wall calendar. A calendar is a good way to keep track of all your deadlines and events so that you will be able to plan your days ahead, making sure you don’t have an over worked day. One of my presents for Christmas (which is very helpful, useful, and also fun to have) is a huge oversize calendar that sticks to your wall. I would definitely invest in one of these, or ask for your birthday (or any other holiday).  If you do end up getting one of these, you’ll find yourself organized and easily able to take on the work load that teachers pile up. This is probably one of the best school supplies I have (which is from PB Teen).

For a better idea of what these calendars may look like, here is a picture:

* As you can see on the top you can write the month and below with the boxes fill in the days of that month (this is where you can write each due date or assignment that you need to accomplish throughout the month). On the right, this is a great way to show what you need to get done that day. I would recommend to use boxes so you can check off each “to do” that you completed.


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