When my friends and I went to this boy’s bar-mitzvah, it was very fun. The party was close by my house, actually at the Daniel Hotel in Herzilya. It was very extravagant, almost like a wedding. The theme of his party was skateboarding, because he just loves it. He moved in the middle of last year to America, but decided to have his bar-mitzvah in Israel. Actually, an adult came up to me and my to other friends that I was talking to, and asked us if we flew all the way from America to this bar-mitzvah. Of course we didn’t, but later we found out that there were people at the party who the boy had fly from America to here for his bar-mitzvah. In the middle of the ceremony (like many bar/bat-mitzvahs), there was a huge slide show of all the pictures since the boy was born until now.  In all, it was a very fun and nice experience. In fact, my friends and I met this really nice Israeli girl, got her phone number, and will meet up with her soon.  There was a photographer going around  taking pictures (which were then made into magnets for my friends and I to take, as well as others).

So here they are:

* My two friends and I (middle) making an “Oreo”

* Here is a picture with me (second to last on right), the Israeli girl we met (far right), my two Angolan friends (middle/ far left) and then the boy who had the bar-mitzvah.


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