Merry Christmas Everyone and Thank You!

I hope you all had a very nice Christmas! For me I had a wonderful time. It was one of my most favorite Christmases ever. I really just want to thank my parents for making it such a nice Christmas. I really appreciated and understand how the sacrificed more than usual this Christmas for not giving each other Christmas gifts in order to make sure we have a nice Christmas full of nice presents. Here are the nicest and my favorite gifts that I would like to mention: my watch from Switzerland (from Santa) , a Motoblur phone (since my old phone became so old that it started to malfunction), a opal stone ring from Bethlehem, a nice sweater coat, a Cake Boss cook book (I am in love with the TLC TV show of Cake Boss), a very inspiring book called Kisses for Katie, and a Zoku popsicle maker (from my grandparents).

Here are all the pictures:

Also my brothers got me very nice gifts as well. My oldest brother got me to pair of earrings — peace signs and crosses (from Bethlehem) — and my other brother got me a nice warm hat for winter that covers your ears with the Phillips Exeter logo.

I would just like to thank my parents, my brothers, Santa, and my grandparents for the nice presents. Thank you for such a wonderful day!


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