Jerusalem Tonight!

Today my family and I are going to Jerusalem for a night or two and will return the fallowing day. I will be able to go to a boy’s bar-mitzvah who use to go to our school on the 29th.  When I received the invitation, my whole family and I saw how fancy it was. It looked as if it were for a wedding. I might be getting ready with my Angolan friend because last time it did not end up working out.  Hopefully that will be fun. While we are in Jerusalem we will go visit the Old City and get the best pizza in Israel for dinner. Then the next day we will be going into Bethlehem and tour a few times. I’ve been there a couple times now, ever since the U.S. Embassy has allowed us to enter (because it wasn’t safe enough the years before). As we enter the Palestinian territory there is a huge cement wall that divides it from Israel. On the Palestinian side there is graffiti all over the wall, with intricate drawings with meanings. I do not have internet at the place we are staying in Jerusalem, so when I get back I will upload and explain all the pictures that I took in Jerusalem as well as Bethlehem.


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