Running 1.5 miles — Dec. 24th

Today I ran 1.5 miles with my dad and brother (the “garlic pizza loop”). Of course, after I finished they ran a much longer distance. The main goal of today was to get outside, get fresh air, and run, after being pretty sick. The sickness went around at school, and I got it the weekend before finishing school. I missed two out of the three last days of school, and only came to take my exams and then leave. So, I really just wanted to get outside and run. From the first 5 seconds of running my knees were hurting. I knew I was off to a bad start. I stopped a few times during this short run and was really struggling. I think I haven’t fully recovered (and I say I hate running) but the only sport I can probably do is running. Even though it might have been a bit discouraging today to not be able to even run a mile and half, I think I should continue still. I just need to go over the barrier!


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