Plans for Tomorrow! (The Big Day Before the Big Day)

Christmas Eve is tomorrow! I am totally excited, but have many things to accomplish.

My To Do List:

1. Finish my handmade cards (part 2 will be uploaded).

2. To carry on our tradition, make sugar cookies with my oldest brother (I will let you know the recipe and how they turned out).

3. SSAT studying (yes even today I need to study because I have less than 3 weeks before I take the exam. This is a required part for applying to Exeter. I really hope I get in! Today was the day the whole application was finished. I’m really excited to see what’s to come! I know that I will be having an interview soon — either over the phone, or with a person here in Israel!)

4. Read a chapter of October Sky (I need to finish the book by the end of the winter break).

5. Practice piano and cello

I have realized making a “to do list” of everything that you need to accomplish (if it’s for homework, or during the break) really does help. This way you can use your time efficiently and be sure to get done everything you needed to complete for that day.


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