Christmas Cards! (Part 1)

For any occasion, at any time of the year, I make cards. It’s almost like my hobby. Everyone knows that I make really nice cards for all my friends birthdays. It takes a bit of extra time, but it makes their birthday (or in this case Christmas) a little more special for the person receiving the card. I use almost all my material from Stampin’ Up!. They have a very good collection of stamps, paper, ribbon, and everything you’ll need for card making. All my supplies, and thinking about the design of the card, makes it more professional, but not like the Hallmark cards where you can see that you just bought the card.

Back on track to Christmas, my dad always buys my Christmas cards for work and (lately) for my family. During the recent years, my dad and I bargained to have each card cost five dollars. It is pretty expensive for a card, but for what you get, I think it’s a good price (especially for me to make money for buying Christmas gifts, or for this year just to save and put in my bank account). So, this first set of cards that I have made are for my dad and the next set of cards that I will post up will be for myself to give my parents or brothers for Christmas.

Here are the pictures (if you click them, you should be able to see a larger size photo):


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