My Family is Finally Together for the Christmas Season!

Yay! My mom and I picked up my brothers from the Ben Gurion airport today right after school. Over the few years, since my brothers have left to attend Phillips Exeter Academy, I have realized how close they are to me and how much I miss them. You know that phrase that says you don’t know how much you appreciate something until you loose it. Well, I feel like now that I know how lonely it can get at home, how it is to not have my brothers annoy me, or try to help me with something, or even to hear them arguing or debating with each other, me and my parents. When they aren’t here, the house seems empty. So, I am very grateful that they are here for winter break, that they had a safe flight here (and hopefully back) before the snow storms come, and that I will be able to celebrate an amazing Christmas with my family.


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