Christmas Gifts!

Since my parents read this blog sometimes, I do not want them to find out what their Christmas gifts are. But I kind of wanted to introduce you all to how I shop for Christmas gifts and where.

My family and I travel a lot to various countries (and to America in the Summer). Whenever we go somewhere for vacation, I always try to buy a present for my family, whether for a birthday or for Christmas. For example, last year we went to Disney World between Christmas and New Year’s time (this was a sweet and pleasant surprise from my parents). I bought my second oldest brother a shirt from there after a ride (sorry I can’t say until after Christmas).

Last year, I went to the NASA Space Camp in Turkey through my school. I was able to experience the training machines astronauts use before travelling into space. We had hour long missions in a half modelled made space craft. In all I had a lot of fun. On the last day that we were there, we travelled to a market place outside the camp. Here I bought presents for everyone (including a handmade/painted clay bowl for myself) which would be some sort of symbol from Turkey. I gave all the presents to everyone for their birthdays except for my dad’s (because his was before I went on this trip). So, I have a very special present for my dad from Turkey.

For my oldest brother, I bought him something on Amazon, that I know he really likes.

As for my mother, I bought her a present at Target when we went back to America for a few weeks in the summer.

So, as you can see, I try to buy my gifts in advance so I won’t have to worry about what to get them, and I know that they will enjoy the presents. If you would like more information on how to shop for gifts, or what to get friends and family, please go to my mothers blog on Christmas gifts that was actually published on Yahoo News today (at or Thank you!


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