Hockey Marathon Tomorrow!! . . . And the Weekend Ahead

This week has been crazy! I have stayed after school every day for hockey marathon practice (with the exception of Tuesday wear I had after school soccer and on Wednesday after hockey marathon I had a Chorus concert and did not go to bed until 11 at night). Tomorrow is going to be the big day, wear all my practice and hard work of putting together the opening ceremony, choosing teams, choosing the logo of the shirt, all the decoration,  everything will pay off. Let the Middle School 2011 Hockey Marathon games begin! For the special day my friends and I bought these blue soccer socks, painting our nails blue, and putting blue hair spray and lipstick lines across our cheeks. Also, of course, we are wearing our Hockey Marathon T-shirt.

As for applying to Exeter, I still have to write my second essay which I then have to hand write. Also, in September I took the PSAT just to get an idea of the test before it actually counting (when I will be in High School). So, we were waiting for my PSAT scores to come in, so that hopefully I could give (if they were good) to Exeter instead of having to re-study for the SSAT (which is pretty similar) and take it in January. However, the problem is I have to pay for the SSAT test by Monday, and I probably will not get my PSAT scores by then (even though my brothers already received theirs, but they live in the U.S. so it is closer to mail to). So, most likely I will have to take the SSAT in January. I need to start studying for that, as well as write my essay.

This weekend, beside all the application requirements I have to finish, I also need to finish all my homework. In humanities (which is sort of like English and grammar combined) I have to outline 4 chapters of an American history book and finish a map of America by Wednesday and Thursday. I have to start getting ready for the NESA science fair (which I am actually privileged to be the representative from Israel working with a student from America and a student from Germany). For my High School Hebrew class, we are going to have a final exam in a couple weeks which I have to study. My Hebrew teacher told us that it is similar to the SAT 2 test (or Hebrew Subject test) but based on the material we have learned since the beginning of the year — internet, connections, breakthroughs, and so on. I am really nervous for the test, but if I can do this test, I think that by the end of this year I might be able to take the Hebrew Subject test.

I am so exhausted from this week that tonight (before the Hockey Marathon) I am going to bed at 8:30! I guess this week and a few weeks before were a lot and I have a lot ahead of me as well. We will see who wins the hockey marathon tomorrow! Oh, my team (blue) which is called Toy Story have come up with a great plan. There is a women at the Hockey Marathon that irons on letters that you would like on the back of your shirt. So, for my team of 7 (including me) decided to all give each other names based on the characters in Toy Story. So, I am Slinky. We will use these names during the actually hockey game to call out to our teamates to pass the ball without the other team knowing. Hopefully this will work. We shall see. GO BLUE!!!


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