My Running Goals

Currently I do not have a sport (besides after school soccer). But I mean a serious sport, like I used to have (gymnastics). My mom and dad wanted me to do running just to keep in shape until I find a sport that I like. However, I would run long hard distances that would kill me at the end of it, making me never want to run again. Then, a few months would past and I would want to start up running again. This just kept cycling again and again. Every once and awhile I would run only 1.5 miles or the “garlic pizza loop” which I can run comfortably. I know by next year though, if I want to join the cross country team at Phillips Exeter Academy that I will have to run 3 miles. Today I’ve decided to keep a record of my time and the distance that I ran so I can see my improvement.

Running is mentally very hard. My plan is to break through the beginning feelings toward running, so that I will be able to not only enjoy it but be good at it. Also, I noticed when I would practice a lot, I would see a great improvement that is actually a fast time for my age, but of course I would stop and then would have to start all over again.

So, we’ll see how this new plan will work. . .


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