Bar-Mitzvah (Part Two — Card)

Usually for parties or bar-mitzvahs (for boys) in Israel its custom to just give money depending on how nice the party. So, to make the gift a bit more special than just a regular pre-made card and 100 NIS, I made a card. Here is how it turned out (I think I got the bit of orange accent on the card from the inspiration of my nails):



When my friends and I went to this boy’s bar-mitzvah, it was very fun. The party was close by my house, actually at the Daniel Hotel in Herzilya. It was very extravagant, almost like a wedding. The theme of his party was skateboarding, because he just loves it. He moved in the middle of last year to America, but decided to have his bar-mitzvah in Israel. Actually, an adult came up to me and my to other friends that I was talking to, and asked us if we flew all the way from America to this bar-mitzvah. Of course we didn’t, but later we found out that there were people at the party who the boy had fly from America to here for his bar-mitzvah. In the middle of the ceremony (like many bar/bat-mitzvahs), there was a huge slide show of all the pictures since the boy was born until now.  In all, it was a very fun and nice experience. In fact, my friends and I met this really nice Israeli girl, got her phone number, and will meet up with her soon.  There was a photographer going around  taking pictures (which were then made into magnets for my friends and I to take, as well as others).

So here they are:

* My two friends and I (middle) making an “Oreo”

* Here is a picture with me (second to last on right), the Israeli girl we met (far right), my two Angolan friends (middle/ far left) and then the boy who had the bar-mitzvah.

The Wall Calendar

Something that I love to use for school and even during the break is a wall calendar. A calendar is a good way to keep track of all your deadlines and events so that you will be able to plan your days ahead, making sure you don’t have an over worked day. One of my presents for Christmas (which is very helpful, useful, and also fun to have) is a huge oversize calendar that sticks to your wall. I would definitely invest in one of these, or ask for your birthday (or any other holiday).  If you do end up getting one of these, you’ll find yourself organized and easily able to take on the work load that teachers pile up. This is probably one of the best school supplies I have (which is from PB Teen).

For a better idea of what these calendars may look like, here is a picture:

* As you can see on the top you can write the month and below with the boxes fill in the days of that month (this is where you can write each due date or assignment that you need to accomplish throughout the month). On the right, this is a great way to show what you need to get done that day. I would recommend to use boxes so you can check off each “to do” that you completed.

Letter from Santa

I know these next few posts are pretty late in timing and I’m sorry.  I am making cream puffs from the Cake Boss cook book I got and we had fondue tonight.  It’s been really nice so far. But for the late Christmas spirit here is the reply of what Santa wrote back to me:

*you can click to see the larger image in order to read what Santa wrote.

I think the most touching thing that Santa wrote was about having a good heart regardless of your age. Part of the secular meaning of Christmas (I think) is to really have a good heart, to share with others, and just to be nice to everyone around you.

Happy New Year! (+ Running 1.5 miles — Dec. 31st)

First off, I would like to wish every one a Happy new year and a safe one! I am really sorry I haven’t been able to really add any posts, I’ve been pretty busy lately with all the holidays and everything. So, I will be posting a lot of posts soon (I have a lot to talk about!). Anyways, for a quick update, I ran today the “garlic pizza” loop which is 1. 5 miles. I ran it in 14:39 minutes, so about 30 seconds less than last time. So, that’s good! I’m not as achy either as I was before, but I was coughing for about 25 minutes after my run. My mom was starting to think I have asthma (I hope not) because I am always coughing after my run. But it was much better today!

Running 1.5 miles — Dec. 28th

So today I went running the “garlic pizza” loop which is about 1.5 miles in 15:09 minutes. I could do better, but its a start (again)! Hopefully, I’ll continue. I’m a bit achy but hopefully that will end soon. In all I think I had a good pace, and it was nice to run — kind of.

Merry Christmas Everyone and Thank You!

I hope you all had a very nice Christmas! For me I had a wonderful time. It was one of my most favorite Christmases ever. I really just want to thank my parents for making it such a nice Christmas. I really appreciated and understand how the sacrificed more than usual this Christmas for not giving each other Christmas gifts in order to make sure we have a nice Christmas full of nice presents. Here are the nicest and my favorite gifts that I would like to mention: my watch from Switzerland (from Santa) , a Motoblur phone (since my old phone became so old that it started to malfunction), a opal stone ring from Bethlehem, a nice sweater coat, a Cake Boss cook book (I am in love with the TLC TV show of Cake Boss), a very inspiring book called Kisses for Katie, and a Zoku popsicle maker (from my grandparents).

Here are all the pictures:

Also my brothers got me very nice gifts as well. My oldest brother got me to pair of earrings — peace signs and crosses (from Bethlehem) — and my other brother got me a nice warm hat for winter that covers your ears with the Phillips Exeter logo.

I would just like to thank my parents, my brothers, Santa, and my grandparents for the nice presents. Thank you for such a wonderful day!

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