Berber Flag Necklace from Libya

My dad just came back from Libya Monday night. He was there helped evacuate  war wounded Libyans since October. Yes, he was there when Kadafi was killed and when the Libyans expressed their joy by shooting guns up into the air.

Once when my mom and I were skype calling my dad we heard gun fires and bombs very close to where my dad was. Later on we found that one of an Embassy’s van was kit (which my dad could have easily been in). So my dad, along with the other men that lived in the building, had to leave and go to safer ground.

Although it was dangerous, my dad enjoyed doing what he did in Libya.  Interestingly, my dad had to fly from Tripoli (a city in Libya) to Benghazi (another city in Libya) to Malta then to Athens and finally back to Israel. He had to fly this complicated route because a high ranking official flew into Libya. When he came back, he gave each of my brothers and I something from Libya. Here is what he got me (it is a necklace):

It actual is a very interesting piece of jewellery because it is the flag of the Berber people. This tribe, which also are called  Amazigh which mean “free people”,  are indigenous to Libya. They are a minority in this country and Kadafi looked down upon them. The Berber people helped to be apart of the revolution against Kadafi (and now that he is dead) they feel safe to live in their country, Libya.  So this necklace, in showing their flags, actually holds the story of the Berber people and the revolution against Kadafi.


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  1. Maria McEvilly
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 22:04:34

    Very Interesting. Where can I get one of these necklaces in Gold for my Partner?


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