Team Decisions — Hockey Marathon

I know it has been a few days since my last post, but I have been pretty busy. Everyday during lunch and after school on Monday’s I have to stay for Hockey Marathon Captain meetings.  In our school, we have a tradition that we do every year during December. This is called the Hockey Marathon. Basically, we split up the Middle School into two teams — red and blue — and play indoor hockey all day long. For the Middle School this is a really big deal, and for the High School it’s an even bigger deal. Captains (like myself) work really hard with the opening ceremony, the design of the t-shirts that all the players will be wearing,  the theme of the Hockey Marathon, and the closing ceremony.

This year our theme is The Battle of the Realms — with Blue Fantasy and Red Reality. Yes, of course the captains get to choose what team they are on. . . so as anyone can tell I chose to be on Blue Fantasy. Even though I submitted a design for the t-shirts, the captains decided on another design by a 7th grader boy. I was disappointed, but I congratulate the 7th grader winner and know that I will always have next year to try again when I go to high school.

So, just like each year, we have to come up with a skit for the opening and closing ceremony. I am the classic Bugs Bunny (which I am still trying to find a costume). The blue and red teams (for hockey) are separated into sub-groups. Also, girls are separate from boys for the actual hockey. We got to decide what the names of all the sub-groups were. So, here are a few examples:

Unicorns vs. Stallions

Vampires vs. Bats

Shaquillie O’Neal (a basketball player) vs. Big Foot

As for the skit, we are starting with the recording so that during the actual opening/closing ceremony we will only mouth the words. (also because of my gymnastics, I will be doing some flips). Hockey Marathon will be in three weeks (or sometime around then). I can’t wait!


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